New law proposal goes for harsher terrorism charges


Digging horror tunnels is indeed a criminal offense at least, that s what among the hundreds of pages in the proposed law to combat terrorism said.

The proposed law was authorized by the judiciary committee on Monday. The law, which is anticipated to be passed within the next week, is similar to the United States Patriot Act, however is thought of as more contemporary and sophisticated.
Deputy Attorney General Raz Nori discussed that the new law will provide law enforcement better legal tools with which to handle terror, and will likewise make it possible for prosecution of horror support systems, such as charities which donate money to terrorists.

“This law will provide police and security services additional legal ways with which to eliminate terrorism while at the same time securing human rights,” Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked included.

The proposed law states, amongst other things, that a direct call to carry out a terror attack will be a criminal offense, and will eliminate the need to determine whether the call will result in a real attack. The law also requires stricter penalties for those founded guilty of terrorism. It states, for instance, that the sentence for somebody who commits a horror attack will be in prison for a minimum of seven years, and someone who carries out a chemical or biological weapons attack will be put behind bars for life. Life jail time is likewise the penalty for the head of a terror company.

Anybody who trains terrorists will receive a minimum sentence of 9 years, and anybody who aims to hire people to horror will get a minimum sentence of 7 years. Anybody who requires or encourages terrorism, or aids terrorists in obtaining materiel will have a minimum sentence of five years. Meanwhile, the lightest sentence will be a minimum of 3 years for anybody convicted of publicly identifying with a terror organization.

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